Volume 1, 1990 year

The Problems of Historical Poetics: Researches and Materials. Petrozavodsk, PetrSU Publ., 1990. 136 p.


Khalizev V. E.
Historical poetics: prospects for development

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Vasiliev A. Z.
From the history of the genre category

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Lyapina L. E.
The genre specificity of a literary cycle as a problem of historical poetics

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Neyolov E. M.
Fantasy world as a category of historical poetics

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Stepanov V. G.
The architectural plans of exordiums in the poem On the Nature of Things of Lucretius as a peguliar sign of development of the genre forms

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Malchukova T. G.
Imitation of the Ancient, Epigrams in the Style of the Ancient and Anthological Epigrams in lyrics of A.S. Pushkin

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Vasiliev S. P.
Poetics of the real and the fantastic in russian romantic prose

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Vladimirtsev V. P.
Dostoevsky's Petersburg (poetics of the local historical and ethnographic reflections)

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Zakharov V. N.
The biblical archetype of Dostoevsky's The Double

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Tarlanov E. Z.
The biblical motives in the lyrics of K. Fofanov

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Lopukha A. O.
The fantasy world of Alexander Grin

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Dudkin V. V.
The symbolism of A. Blok

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Kerasidi N. K.
The genre of consolation in ancient greek literature

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