Volume 24, 2019 year

The Problems of Historical Poetics. 2019. Vol. 17. No. 2. 327 p.
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Kundozerova M. V.
The Image of a Mythical Country Pohjola in Karelian Epic Runes

Views: 83; Downloads: 30;
Esaulov I. A.
Paraphrasis and the Establishment of the New Russian Literature (To the Problem Statement)

Views: 130; Downloads: 67;
Kudryashov I. V.
About the Sources of the Figurative Definition of A. S. Pushkin as “The Sun of Poetry”

Views: 120; Downloads: 59;
Stroganov M. V.
The Storyline and Subject in A. S. Pushkin’s Poetics

Views: 90; Downloads: 30;
Vinogradov I. A.
The Image of the Monarch-Mentor in the Works of N. V. Gogol

Views: 69; Downloads: 24;
Tarasov B. N.
The Utopianism of Western Rationalism, Positivism and Utilitarianism in the Mirror of an Anthropological and Historiosophic Thought of F. M. Dostoevsky and V. F. Odoevsky

Views: 67; Downloads: 24;
Zakharova O. V.
The Problem of Genre Differentiation Between Povest’ and Novel in Polemics on Dostoevsky in the 1840s

Views: 86; Downloads: 26;
Dergacheva I. V.
The Thanatological Discourse in Dostoevsky's Novel “The Idiot”

Views: 85; Downloads: 30;
Shaulov S. S.
Dostoevsky in Pre-revolutionary Encyclopedias: Methodological Problems of Biographical Image Analysis

Views: 67; Downloads: 25;
Meskin V. A.
Space and Time in Vladimir Solovyov’s Philosophy and Poetry

Views: 73; Downloads: 22;
Bogdanova O. A.
The Semiotics of the Alley, “Where the Leaves Dance”: Turgenev, Gumilev, Bunin

Views: 79; Downloads: 27;
Skoropadskaya A. A.
The Images of Foreigners in I. S. Shmelev’s Early Prose

Views: 62; Downloads: 19;
Mikhalenko N. V.
Allusions to the Bible in the “Estate Text” of Boris Zaytsev (Based upon his Story “Agrafena” and the Novel “The Distant Land”)

Views: 76; Downloads: 34;
Yureva O. Y.
The Chronotope of the Short Novel by V. Rasputin “Farewell to Matyora”: Its Ethnopoetic Aspect

Views: 72; Downloads: 22;
Andrianova I. S.
The Metaphor of Play-Acting in the Plot of the Play by Edvard Radzinsky “An Old Actress in the Role of Dostoevsky

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