Volume 3, 1994 year

The Problems of Historical Poetics. Petrozavodsk, PetrSU Publ., 1994. Vol. 3: The Gospel text in Russian Literature of the 18th-20th Centuries: Quotation, Reminiscence, Motive, Plot, Genre. 387 p.


Zakharov V. N.
Russian literature and Christianity

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Savelyeva L. V.
Cyrillic alphabet: deciphering and interpretation of the first Slavic poetic text

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Esaulov I. A.
The category of sobornost` in Russian literature

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Bortnes J.
Russian kenotizm: reassessment of a term

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Romodanovskaya E. K.
From a quote to the topic. The role of the parable in the formation of a new Russian literature

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Savelyeva O. A.
Apocriphal tale The Passion of Christ: some aspects of its structure and poetics

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Malchukova T. G.
The combination of ancient and Christian traditions in Alexander Pushkin’s lyric poetry of 1820’s — 1830’s

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Koshelev V. A.
Evangelical calendar of Alexander Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin (studying the issue of internal chronology of a novel in verse)

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Chernov A. V.
The archetype of the prodigal son in Russian literature of the XIX century

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Kanunova F. Z.
The correlation between the artistic and religious perceptions in Vasily Zhukovsky’s aesthetics (1830—1840)

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Suzy V. N.
Motifs of the Blessed. Virgin Mary in Tyutchev's landscape lyrics

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Zvoznikov A. A.
Fyodor Dostoevsky and Eastern Orthodoxy: preliminary notes

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Kunilsky А. Е.
The problem of laughter and Christianity in Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel The Brothers Karamazov

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Ivanov V. V.
The role of a blessed fool for Christ hero in the dialogue of Fyodor Dostoevsky`s hierarches

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Ollivier S.
Dispute between Paul Claudel and André Gide about the image of Jesus Christ in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s works

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Starygina N. N.
Evangelical background (semantic and stylistic) in the Nikolai Leskov’s novel At Daggers Drawn

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Golovko V. M.
Characteristics of the national archetype of the Christ mythologeme in Ivan Turgenev’s literary works

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Zakharov V. N.
Easter story as a Russian literary genre

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Neyolov E. M.
From the fairy tale to literature: folklore transformation of evangelical traditions in Nikolai Fedotov

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Zhilyakova E. M.
Anton Chekhov's last psalm (The Bishop)

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Tarlanov E. Z.
Christian motifs in K. Fofanov's poetry

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Zakharov N. V.
Alexander Blok’s Guardian Angel

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Tyryshkina E. V.
The Sinai Patericon in Mikhail Kuzmin’s Wings (Christian text in a non-Christian context)

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Markova E. I.
The resurrected soul in Nikolai Klyuev’s poetry

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Sepsyakova I. P.
Principles of paganism, Old Belief and Christianity in Nikolai Klyuev’s poetry

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Karpov I. P.
Religious feelings in the context of consciousness of passions (Ivan Bunin’s The Life of Arseniev. Youth)

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Spiridonova I. A.
Christian and anti-Christian tendencies in Andrei Platonov’s literary works (1910’s — 1920’s)

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Bortnes J.
Christianity theme in Boris Pasternak's novel Doctor Zhivago

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Esaulov I. A.
Axiology of literary criticism: concept establishment experience

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