Volume 16, 2018 year

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Koshelev V. A.
About One Old “Paradox”: the Genre of Marginalia by A. S. Pushkin Based on “Experiments in Verse and Prose” by K. N. Batyushkov

Views: 2334; Downloads: 67;
Neminuscij A. N.
The Structure and Functions of the Sound Code in "The Hunting Sketches" by Ivan Turgenev

Views: 2051; Downloads: 80;
Safronova E. Y.
Genius Loci in the Poetics of the Novel “The Village of Stepanchikovo and Its Inhabitants” by F. M. Dostoevsky

Views: 2040; Downloads: 77;
Zakharov V. N.
The Poetics and Genre of Marginalia in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Notebooks and Workbooks

Views: 1987; Downloads: 108;
Fedorova E. A., Kovaleva I. F.
The Genre Content of Folk Legends in Literary Interpretation by E. N. Opochinin

Views: 1975; Downloads: 41;
Bedina N. N., Ivshina O. S.
The Mythopoetic and Christian Motifs in the Ring of the Löwenskölds Trilogy by Selma Lagerlöf

Views: 2090; Downloads: 45;
Kudryashov I. V.
The Author and the Hero in the Poem “Povest’ Skorbi” of Nikolai Klyuev

Views: 2012; Downloads: 80;
Zhukova J. V., Dyrdin A. A.
Allusive and Ekphrastic Novel by L. M. Leonov “Russian Forest”

Views: 1976; Downloads: 51;
Bogumil T. A.
The Semantology of the Chuya Highway in Russian Literature

Views: 1966; Downloads: 56;
Prashсheruk N. V.
Christian Metanovel by E. R. Dombrovskaya “The Way Is Free… Chekhov. Spiritual Wanderings of Timofey the Deacon”

Views: 2101; Downloads: 84;