Volume 17, 2019 year

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Sokolova L. V.
What “Sleeve” Did Yaroslavna Wipe Clean Igor’s Bleeding Wounds with (On the Study of the Poetics of the Tale of Igor’s Campaign)

Views: 1336; Downloads: 92;
Pigin A. V.
The Old Russian Tale of Christ’s Godson: the Problem of Genre

Views: 1251; Downloads: 76;
Vinogradov I. A.
Eschatology of the Comedy “The Government Inspector” by N. V. Gogol

Views: 1223; Downloads: 81;
Kiseleva I. A.
On the Semantic Integrity of the Definitive Text of the Poem “Demon” by M. Yu. Lermontov (1839)

Views: 1183; Downloads: 62;
Viktorovich V. A.
“The Bronze Horseman” in the Works of F. M. Dostoevsky

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Cavazza A.
F. M. Dostoevsky and A. S. Khomyakov: Comparison at a Distance

Views: 1246; Downloads: 49;
Fedoseeva T. V.
Poetology and Axiology of Yakov Polonsky in the 1860s—1880s

Views: 1182; Downloads: 49;
Gulin A. V.
The “Ghost of Pugachyov” in the “War and Peace” of Leo Tolstoy

Views: 1133; Downloads: 49;
Masolova E. A.

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Berdnikova O. A.
The Poetics of the Addressed Genres in the Works of I. A. Bunin

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Gacheva A. G.
A Sophianic Theme in the Artistic and Philosophical Heritage of Valerian Muravyov: from the Mysteries of “Sophia and the Centaur” to the Novel “The Island of Buyan”

Views: 1141; Downloads: 48;
Dorofeeva L. G., Larionova T. V.
A Сharacterological Function of the Liturgical Text in the Novel “The Ways of Heaven” by I. Shmelev

Views: 1232; Downloads: 44;
Spiridonova I. A.
The Motifs of Rage and Beast in Andrey Platonov’s Story “Odukhotvorennye lyudi” (“Inspired People”)

Views: 1160; Downloads: 45;
Tereshkina D. B.
“In Ignorance of Where We Head for and in Disregard of Where We Come from”: the Russians in the Story “The Requiem” by Gaito Gazdanov

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Prashсheruk N. V.
The Dialogue with Dostoevsky in the Novel by E. R. Dombrovskaya “The Way is Open... Chekhov. Spiritual Wanderings of Timofei the Deacon”

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