Volume 20, 2022 year

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Krasheninnikova Y. A.
Shapeshifting Motifs in Russian Wedding Incantations

Views: 200; Downloads: 28;
Koryakina A. F.
Stability, Variability and Transformation of Epic Traditions in the Olonkho of the Vilyui Region of the Mid-19th–20th Century

Views: 166; Downloads: 14;
Satanar M. T.
Genesis of the Image of Seerkeen Sesen in the Olonkho Epic

Views: 182; Downloads: 25;
Kiseleva I. A., Potashova K. A.
The Origins and Figurative Embodiment of the Mikhail Lermontov’s Imperial Consciousness

Views: 184; Downloads: 26;
Litinskaya E. P.
The Menippea Problem in F. M. Dostoevsky’s Poetics

Views: 171; Downloads: 17;
Rostovtseva J. A.
Semantics of Oblomov’s Image in I. A. Goncharov’s Novel and Criticism

Views: 178; Downloads: 20;
Alexandrova E. K.
“This Lovely Short Story “Dushechka” (“The Darling”)” (Chekhov’s Image in Gazdanov’s Novel “Nochnye dorogi” (“Night Roads”) in the Context of Cryptopoetics)

Views: 164; Downloads: 21;
Alexandrov A. S.
Medical Text in Feuilleton Criticism of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Views: 158; Downloads: 15;
Trubitsina N. A.
The Еaster Аrchetype in the Story of Ivan Bunin “Lyrnik Rodion”

Views: 169; Downloads: 23;
Zavarkina M. V.
Andrey Platonov in Search of Identity: from the “Factory of Literature” to Mastery

Views: 180; Downloads: 28;
Prozorova N. A.
The Status of the Double Epigraph to the Poem “Your Way”

Views: 191; Downloads: 39;
Shvetsova T. V., Shakhova V. E.
The Arctic Chronotope in the Short Novels by Z. Davydov “Beruny” and K. Badigin “The Way to Grumant”

Views: 152; Downloads: 12;
Ledneva D. M.
The Concept of Man in Prose of Marina Palei in the Context of the Discoveries of F. M. Dostoevsky

Views: 157; Downloads: 19;
Shilova N. L., Liskov A. O.
Poetics of Genius Loci in Victor Pulkin’s Short Novel (Povest’) “Dobraya Poveter’” (“The Good Wind”)

Views: 177; Downloads: 20;
Shalina M. A.
The Short Novel (Povest’) of V. Kosterin “Snipe” as a Phenomenon of Philological Prose

Views: 156; Downloads: 19;