Volume 17, 2019 year

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Nadezhkin A. M.
The Image of Pontius Pilate in the Writings of Latin Authors of the 1st—5th Centuries

Views: 2006; Downloads: 102;
7 - 25
Lyzlova A. S.
Fairy Tales About Three Kingdoms (The Copper, Silver and Gold Ones) in Popular Literature and Russian Folk Tradition

Views: 1946; Downloads: 91;
26 - 44
Grebneva M. P.
The Semantics of the Image of Florence in the Memoirs and Articles of F. I. Buslaev

Views: 1796; Downloads: 61;
45 - 63
Nilova A. Y.
Dostoevsky and Aristotle (Formulation of the Problem)

Views: 1984; Downloads: 94;
64 - 77
Mel’nik V. I.
The Evangelical Semantics of the Female Images of Martha and Vera in the Novel “The Precipice” by I. A. Goncharov

Views: 1988; Downloads: 95;
78 - 93
Tereshkina D. B.
The Gospel Images and Motifs in the First Book of the “Brotherly Songs” by Nikolai Klyuev

Views: 1842; Downloads: 63;
94 - 107
Gacheva A. G.
The Concept of the Liturgical Poetry in A. Gorsky’s Aesthetics and Artistic Practice

Views: 1805; Downloads: 64;
108 - 161
Vladimirova N. G., Kupriyanova E. S., Mianowska J.
Allusions and Play in the Novel by Vladimir Nabokov “The King, Queen, Jack”

Views: 1893; Downloads: 70;
162 - 177
Shadursky V. V.
The Poetics of the Image of Nil Sorsky in the Works of Mark Aldanov

Views: 1896; Downloads: 59;
178 - 204
Leonov I. S.
The Genre of Preaching in the Poetics of the Book «“Unholy Saints” and Other Stories» by Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov)

Views: 1953; Downloads: 66;
205 - 219