Volume 2, 1992 year


Zakharov V. N.
Historical poetics and its category

Views: 2347; Downloads: 128;
Dvoretsky A. V.
The categories of verse and prose in the system of genres of Belinsky

Views: 1976; Downloads: 26;
Malchukova T. G.
The concept of anthological genre of V. Belinsky

Views: 2053; Downloads: 21;
Falikova N. E.
Chronotope as a сategory of historical poetics

Views: 2284; Downloads: 55;
Neyolov E. M.
Fantasy world as a category of historical poetics (article nr 2: the problem of boundaries)

Views: 2027; Downloads: 45;
Komleva G. A.
Spatial composition of folk tales

Views: 2037; Downloads: 37;
Zakharova O. V.
Poetics epic story Dobrynya and the Serpent in the epic tradition of Ryabinins-Andreevs

Views: 2060; Downloads: 32;
Gene Y. I.
Poetics of grammatical category of person in the Russian lyrics

Views: 1969; Downloads: 21;
Smirnov A. A.
On two romantic conceptions of time (Pushkin, Fet)

Views: 1930; Downloads: 28;
Suzy V. N.
The principle of double existence in the poetry of F. Tyutchev

Views: 2005; Downloads: 34;
Starygina N. N.
Christmas story as a genre

Views: 2184; Downloads: 66;
Pighin A. V.
The myth and the legend in work of N.S. Leskov (the story White Eagle)

Views: 1950; Downloads: 40;
Vladimirtsev V. P.
The motif of hot-burning heart of Dostoevsky (in the fields of historical poetics, cultural studies and ethnography)

Views: 1926; Downloads: 30;
Tarlanov E. Z.
The motif of poetry-sleep in the lyrics of K. Fofanov

Views: 2018; Downloads: 20;
Karakan T. A.
On the genre of utopia and dystopia

Views: 1983; Downloads: 37;