Volume 5, 1998 year


Zakharov V. N.
Orthodox aspects of Russian literature ethnopoetics

Views: 2173; Downloads: 138;
Schoultz O.
Russian Christ

Views: 1907; Downloads: 65;
Esaulov I. A.
The problem of visual dominant in Russian literature

Views: 2102; Downloads: 33;
Gini D.
On the problem of Russian figure

Views: 1849; Downloads: 30;
Neyolov E. M.
Fairy tale and hagiography

Views: 1888; Downloads: 35;
Romodanovskaya E. K.
Distinguishing features of parable genre in Old Russian literature

Views: 1923; Downloads: 36;
Krinichnaya N. A.
The Mother of all grass… (folklore and ethnographic commentary on the image of Plakun-Trava (willowherb) in Alexander Block’s and Nikolai Klyuev’s poetry)

Views: 1838; Downloads: 19;
Pighin A. V.
Old Russian legend about the penitent Devil (the study of apocatastasis concept)

Views: 1902; Downloads: 28;
Bashkirov D. L.
Gavrila Derzhavin’s Ode to God

Views: 1780; Downloads: 28;
Malchukova T. G.
Pushkin’s lyric (1820) towards Church Slavonic tradition. (and interpretation of poem Memory and Prophet in context of Christian culture.)

Views: 1987; Downloads: 30;
Kanunova F. Z.
Opposition of Christianity and napoleonism in Russian literature of 1830 — 1850’s and some methodological problems of its research (Vasily Zhukovsky, Gavriil Batenkov and Nikolai Gogol)

Views: 1798; Downloads: 18;
Esaulov I. A.
Revolutionary democratic mythology as the basis of Soviet period of Russian literature history

Views: 1825; Downloads: 22;
Starygina N. N.
Demonic signs in an anti-nihilistic novel as an expression of the author’s values and worldview

Views: 2030; Downloads: 23;
Milevskaya N. I.
The motif of confession in Mikhail Lermontov’s early works

Views: 1905; Downloads: 23;
Vinogradov I. A., Voropaev A. V.
Nicolai Gogol’s Pencil marks and notes in his Slavonic Bible published in 1820

Views: 1865; Downloads: 30;
Egeberg E.
Biblical motifs in Afanasy Fet’s lyric poetry

Views: 1953; Downloads: 34;
Veresov D. A.
Concept of evangelic word in Fyodor Tyutchev’s poetics (formulation of the problem)

Views: 1962; Downloads: 20;
Zhilyakova E. M.
E.M. Christian motifs and images in Nikolay Nekrasov’s works (1830 — 1850’s)

Views: 2073; Downloads: 28;
Zakharova O. V.
Ilya Muromets: Heroic Tale of Kievan Rus by Vladimir Dal (the problem of the genre)

Views: 2302; Downloads: 31;
Tarasov K. G.
Easter motifs in Vladimir Dal’s works

Views: 1854; Downloads: 28;
Shkarlat S. N.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky's translation of Honoré de Balzac’s novel Eugenie Grandet

Views: 2002; Downloads: 27;
Vladimirtsev V. P.
Animals in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s poetology: folk and Christian bestiary tale

Views: 1787; Downloads: 26;
Ivanov V. V.
Hesychasm and poetics of inarticulation in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s works

Views: 1795; Downloads: 27;
Ollivier S.
Dostoyevsky and Chateaubriand

Views: 1903; Downloads: 24;
Dudkin V. V.
Dostoevsky and The Gospel of John

Views: 2007; Downloads: 46;
Esaulov I. A.
Easter archetype in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s poetics

Views: 1983; Downloads: 53;
Thompson D. O.
Problems of conscience in the novel Crime and punishment

Views: 1883; Downloads: 39;
Müller L.
Image of Christ in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel The Idiot

Views: 1956; Downloads: 44;
Egeberg E. F.
Fyodor Dostoevsky in search of an absolutely superior human: The Village of Stepanchikovo and The Idiot

Views: 1816; Downloads: 32;
Kunilsky A. E.
The study of Christian context in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel The Idiot

Views: 1969; Downloads: 40;
Bortnes J.
"Christ the Father: styding the problem of contrasting father in blood and father at law in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel The Adolescent

Views: 1870; Downloads: 30;
Lunde I.
From the idea to the ideal: the study of one symbol in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel The Adolescent

Views: 1881; Downloads: 24;
Zograb I.
The study of one intertext in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov

Views: 1827; Downloads: 29;
Muller de Morogues I.
Martha and Maria: the image of an ideal woman in Nikolai Leskov’s works

Views: 1864; Downloads: 24;
Grimstad K. A.
Polyethnicity as religious problem in Nikolai Leskov’s short novel The Enchanted Wanderer

Views: 1901; Downloads: 21;
Saphran G.
Evangelic subtext and Jewish theme in Nikolai Leskov’s short novel The Lord’s Judgement

Views: 1815; Downloads: 19;
Kretova A. A.
Christian commandments in Nikolai Leskov’s Christmas stories Christ visiting moujik and Offended before Christmas

Views: 2018; Downloads: 26;
Esaulov I. A.
The study of some specific characteristics of Anton Chekhov’s story Vanka

Views: 1890; Downloads: 39;
Raneva-Ivanova M.
Theory and method of studying the Christian motif in Anton Chekhov's prose (the meaning of Esater motif in his novel The Cossack)

Views: 2043; Downloads: 25;
Kozhevnikova N. A.
Evangelic motifs in Andrei Bely’s novel Moskow

Views: 1826; Downloads: 21;
Pronin A. A.
Quotations from Christian sources in Ivan Bunin’s novel The Life of Arseniev. Youth

Views: 1978; Downloads: 20;
Spiridonova I. A.
Sdudying the orphanage motif in Andrei Platonov’s novel Chevengur in light of Christian tradition

Views: 1874; Downloads: 19;
Christian ideal and postmodernism I. P.
Christian ideal and postmodernism

Views: 1899; Downloads: 27;