Volume 6, 2001 year


Zakharov V. N.
Christian realism in Russian literature (problem statement)

Views: 2307; Downloads: 210;
Khalizev V. E.
Intuition of conscience (Aleksey Ukhtomsky’s concept of dominant in the context of XX century philosophy and cultural studies)

Views: 1920; Downloads: 33;
Esaulov I. A.
Ekphrasis in Russian literature of the early modern period: a picture and an icon

Views: 2028; Downloads: 35;
Neyolov E. M.
Fairy tale and hagiography (article 2)

Views: 1829; Downloads: 31;
Pighin A. V.
Spiritual verse Repentance for the tempter (the study of a story about repentant Devil)

Views: 2038; Downloads: 25;
Bashkirov D. L.
Theme of death and immortality in Gavrila Derzhavin’s poetry and Saint Gregory the Theologian’s poetry

Views: 1850; Downloads: 25;
Malchukova T. G.
Paraphrase of psalms in Russian poetry of 1820-s

Views: 1994; Downloads: 21;
Tarasov B. N.
Christian aspects of the historiosophical dispute between Alexander Pushkin and Pyotr Chaadayev

Views: 1875; Downloads: 19;
Kunilsky A. E.
Theme of life by Pushkin and Russian literature of the XIX century

Views: 1789; Downloads: 30;
Neyolov E. M.
The study of Alexander Pushkin’s The Tale of Tsar Saltan genre content

Views: 2108; Downloads: 21;
Egeberg E.
Prophets in Alexander Pushkin’s and Mikhail Lermontov’s poetry

Views: 1992; Downloads: 35;
Kanunova F. Z.
Vasily Zhukovsky’s translation of Karl Wilhelm Ramler's cantata The Death of Jesus

Views: 1866; Downloads: 13;
Voropaev V. A.
There's no other Door...: Gospel in Nikolai Gogol’s Life

Views: 1660; Downloads: 16;
Lepakhin V.
The role of icon in Nikolai Gogol’s life and his novellas Taras Bulba, A Terrible Vengeance, Viy and The Night before Christmas

Views: 1817; Downloads: 22;
Vinogradov I. A.
"I am your brother": the study of Nikolai Gogol's short novel The Overcoat

Views: 1935; Downloads: 36;
Voropaev V. A.
Unstudied part of Nikolai Gogol’s literary heritage: extracts from the Church Fathers writings and liturgical books

Views: 1844; Downloads: 18;
Tomachinsky V. V.
Synthesis instead of chaos: Selected Correspondence with Friends as Nikolai Gogol’s stylistic programmatic statement

Views: 2218; Downloads: 15;
Krinichnaya N. A.
And all the grasses step aside before him... (the study of Aleksey Tolstoy’s poetic interpretation of Saint Pantaleon the Healer’s image)

Views: 1869; Downloads: 14;
Esaulova E. N.
National religious consciousness in Aleksander Ostrovsky’s drama The Storm

Views: 2098; Downloads: 27;
Zhilyakova E. M.
Evangelical sources of Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin’s sorrowful satire

Views: 1906; Downloads: 14;
Suzy V. N.
Christ in F.I. Tyutchev's poetry

Views: 1886; Downloads: 25;
Cherepanova N. V.
Ethnopoetical aspects of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s translation of Friedrich Schiller's drama Don Carlos

Views: 1960; Downloads: 16;
Vladimirtsev V. P.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Siberian Notebook: Christian, cultural and verbal levels

Views: 1807; Downloads: 22;
Ivanov V. V.
The study of evangelic meaning of a dream metaphor in Alexander Pushkin's ode The Prophet and Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novels Crime and Punishment and The Idiot

Views: 1900; Downloads: 32;
Shilova N. L.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky and the problem of interpreting Alexander Pushkin’s short novel Egyptian Nights

Views: 1778; Downloads: 23;
Tarasova N. A.
Abaddons who abandoned their earthly lives: an unread Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s note

Views: 1869; Downloads: 25;
Young S.
Biblical archetypes in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel The Idiot

Views: 1875; Downloads: 31;
Sharakov S. L.
Idea of salvation in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov

Views: 1800; Downloads: 23;
Tarasov F. B.
Fyodor Dostoevsky’s speech about Pushkin: between a troika and a chariot

Views: 1852; Downloads: 26;
Kunilsky A. E.
Dostoevsky in perception of some church authors

Views: 1815; Downloads: 22;
Tarasov A. B.
Leo Tolstoy’s legend The Restoration of Hell as and objective conclusion from his subjective concept of righteousness

Views: 1810; Downloads: 19;
Raneva-Ivanova M.
Function of the Christian motif maieutics in Anton Chekhov’s Head-Gardener’s Story

Views: 1894; Downloads: 16;
Rozanov Y. V.
Alexei Remizov’s short novel The Passion of Christ in the context of the Silver Age religious quests

Views: 1817; Downloads: 12;
Gracheva A. M.
Biblical eschatological tradition and Alexei Remizov’s diary (1917—1921)

Views: 1864; Downloads: 16;
Pronin A. A.
Evangelical footprint in a collection of Ivan Bunin’s travel short stories Bird’s Shadow and Vasily Zhukovsky’s poem Ahasuerus

Views: 1955; Downloads: 21;
Spiridonova I. A.
The role of Alexander Pushkin in Andrei Platonov’s evolution as a writer Abstract:

Views: 1859; Downloads: 21;
Esaulov I. A.
The Paschal Archetype of Russian Literature and the Structure of Boris Pasternak’s Novel Doctor Zhivago

Views: 1953; Downloads: 36;
Supa V.
Evangelical text in a modern Russian novel (Vladimir Tendryakov's novel Assassinating Mirages and Leonid Leonov’s novel The Pyramid)

Views: 1824; Downloads: 20;